About SEE

The Social Entrepreneurs & Enterprises Platform is a network of passionate individuals and institutions (alumni of PAN IIT, IIMA & IIMB) combining their skills and resources in support of key activities to promote social innovation in India.


Our united effort provides leadership to advance social innovation, with the ultimate goals to create a measurable social impact.

SEE Vision

To create awareness among all Alumni and non-Alumni about Social Sector, needs and opportunities and to leverage the power of our Alumni network to  support those entering the sector or on their journey, through, expertise, mentoring, funding, government and corporate connects.

SEE Objectives

  1. Create awareness in SEE space
  2. Fund SEs (create corpus)
  3. Share feasibility and impact data
  4. Build the stakeholders connect as part of SEE ecosystem
  5. Build network of CSR, Angel Investors, VCs, Mentors, Govt Representatives, SEs
  6. Provide a platform for budding entrepreneurs
  7. Provisions of services such as marketing, growth, IT, accounting, govt linkages, project planning
  8. Work on to Support the SE with the following
    1. Connect with relevant SE or stakeholders
    2. Mentorship from the willing mentors
    3. Connect with Relevant fund agency
    4. Connect with possible business partners
    5. Support align the active fund and fund raise


Connect with impact investors.


Platform for budding entrepreneurs.


Connect with established Social entrepreneurs, learn from their stories